Bugs In Armor: A Tale of Malaria and Soldiering

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The team think that the soldiers do indeed defend the nest, but against the fungus Cordyceps bassiana.

  • "Another Daesh": Superbugs plague Afghan hospitals.

The bane of insects everywhere, Cordyceps fungi sprout throughout the bodies of their hosts. These macabre infections can destroy entire colonies.

Rather than fending off similarly sized invaders, the soldier thrips defend against these microscopic ones. These extracts could prevent Cordyceps spores from growing, and the essence-of-soldier proved to be a better anti-fungal than eau-de-worker.

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The concept of soldiers as medics helps to explain some odd bits of their behaviour. For a start, these so-called soldiers seem remarkably reluctant to actually get into fights.

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Bugs In Armor: A Tale of Malaria and Soldiering [Robert Bwire] on royribepunur.ml * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From military expeditions in antiquity to. Buy Bugs in Armor: A Tale of Malaria and Soldiering (): NHBS - Robert Bwire, iUniverse.

Caravan says that her group has found bacteria in the thrips galls that can kill other microbes. We know that other social insects use their medicinal chemicals to ward off infections.

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For example, leafcutter ants also have bacterial partners, which secrete chemicals that kill other microbes. Bugs in Armor takes the reader on a historical journey of military expeditions and their encounters with a relentless bug—the malaria parasite. It is also a story of how this confrontation fuelled research that gave the world a better understanding of the nature of malaria, its treatment and prevention.

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Robert Bwire was born in Uganda where he trained as a physician. At present, Dr.

Bugs in Armor

Bwire is an epidemiologist with the Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Association. He is also the author of numerous scientific articles. Formats Softcover.

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