Captain Wentworth Home From the Sea

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In fact, most of the time Anne has a better understanding of the inner workings of his mind and heart than he does himself. Jane Austen's depiction of the Crofts as the ideal couple paves the way for the reader to accept and approve of Wentworth as an ideal match for Anne.

Like Admiral Croft and his wife, Captain Wentworth has many things in common with Anne that provide a sure foundation for their relationship:. Although for much of the book their communication falters, the final picture of them working through the misunderstandings of the past years, assures us that they are once again able to communicate with ease and depth. Also like the Crofts, much of the suitability of the match between Wentworth and Anne relies on their complementary characteristics. We imagine they will make a good team, working side-by-side and that Wentworth's strengths will embolden Anne, and her strengths will make him more well-rounded:.

When Captain Wentworth first comes to Kellynch, he mistakenly believes that he no longer loves Anne and would be happy never to see her again. His bitterness, resentment and pride blind him to the truth of his feelings, and he tries to forget her as he later admits in Ch. He does not realise that knowing Anne has really spoiled him from accepting any woman who does not match up to her virtues. However, the fact that he is able to be open, agreeable, pleasant and gracious to everyone but Anne, shows his lack of indifference to her. He does not intend to hurt her with his careless assessment of her changed appearance in Chapter 7, but his general cold formality to her may be more calculated to punish than he realises.

Captain Wentworth Home From the Sea

His underlying concern is evident when he rescues Anne from little Walter Musgrove, helps her over stiles on the walk to Winthrop, and arranges for her to ride home with the Crofts because she is tired. He is also unduly interested when he hears of Charles Musgrove's proposal of marriage to Anne Ch. Wentworth glibly tells his sister that he is open to marrying any young, pretty, friendly woman as long as she has a strong mind and a sweet character an ironic choice as both qualities actually describe Anne.

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I've always wanted to clunk Wentworth's head for torturing my poor Anne by his flirting with the Musgroves sister, so nice to read Mary S giving him that treatment. This is definitely on my TBR list. Mary, You are very welcome! I did enjoy your more assertive Anne, it always bothered me that she would let her family and Lady Russell push her around!

Meredith, I agree! We need more Persuasion variations! Jakki, Yes, it is a very enjoyable read! Sophia Rose, Thank you!

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Nina, Oh, me too! His flirting with the Musgroves makes me crazy! She always amazes me with her creativity, wit and her knowledge of history. In this book, there is not so much history, but a lovely story that made me feel good the whole way through! Captain Wentworth, who has no memory of Anne due to a head injury, returns with his sister and her husband who have let Kellynch Hall.

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All Rights Reserved. She also left two earlier compositions, a short epistolary novel, Lady Susan , and an unfinished novel, The Watsons. Elliot's motives for his sudden apology, she accepts him as a pleasing gentleman. Here she remained, except for a few visits to London, until in May she moved to Winchester to be near her doctor. Though she questions Mr. I thought I had.

Throughout his absence, meanwhile, Anne has found no one who compares to him, and has pined away to the point where now, at 27 years old, her bloom is gone and she has begun the descent into spinsterhood. On the contrary, for all that divides them when he returns, Anne has as much to learn about love as Wentworth does, and her journey toward their reconciliation contains as much confusion as his.

Captain Wentworth’s Umbrella

Their reunion is the finest scene in all of Austen, and in it they do not even speak face to face, for Austen understood that mediated and misdirected messages frequently carry a far greater charge than explicit declarations. He is sitting at a desk writing a letter. She is nearby speaking to a mutual friend, Captain Harville, about men, women and constancy.

Harville believes that men feel more deeply than women. Anne takes the opposite view, and while she does not mention Wentworth or her own circumstances, everything she says is clearly with him in mind. She has spoken to no one about her grief over Wentworth, and it is not long before eight years of pent-up anguish flood out of her.

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We cannot help ourselves. We live at home, quiet, confined, and our feelings prey upon us. Seizing another sheet of paper, he begins a second letter in which he records his feelings toward her as she utters hers toward him, and which he leaves behind on the desk for her to read.

It is a moment that demonstrates both the superb compression and the enduring appeal of her art. If Wentworth loves Anne, she has a future that stretches as far as the seas.

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If he does not, she has only a past that will increasingly consume her.