Free Publicity: How To Pitch Reporters

28 Ways To Get Your Business Media Attention
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Remember to make life easier for the busy journalist.


Those are relatively rare within HARO. And for agencies seeking quotes… it might be one of your direct competitors!

Tools of the Trade: Getting Free Publicity with HARO

Consider brand reputation , too. And your cold pitch via HARO may be one of dozens or even hundreds. In contrast, an industry-specialist PR firm will have personal connections to reporters. As an agency leader, consider delegating HARO monitoring to a more junior team member.

How to Use HARO to Get Free Publicity

Ultimately, HARO gives you an avenue to insert yourself into news that you might not be a part of otherwise. I rarely skip reading one, because I might miss an important opportunity for myself or more often, my clients or their clients.

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Based on your category testing, you might encourage your Account Managers to sign up, too, to directly monitor opps that apply to their specific clients. We researched and implemented a multi-faceted campaign of publicity and media exposure that quickly spread the news about New Deal Playing Cards through the media market.

The key to a successful media campaign is something I call Diversified Publicity. That is, generating exposure in as many different media outlets in as many different ways to optimize the chances of publicity for the product or business.

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We let the media be our bullhorn to educate consumers about New Deal. But that was just the beginning. This is where many publicity campaigns fall short.

Free Publicity: How To Pitch Reporters by Bert Martinez

Many business owners have the misconception that they can simply write a single release, submit it to a media release distribution service and the media interest will pour in. Just like when playing cards, sometimes you have to deal them several times before you win a hand — but that winning hand can be very beneficial to you. We interviewed all of the principals involved in the New Deal Playing Card Company and came up with information like hometowns, cities where they may have lived or been employed in the past, towns where they attended college, etc..

FREE Publicity: How To Pitch Reporters

Those local features many times get picked up by news syndicates that may make the story go nationwide. For New Deal Playing Cards we covered our bets by cross-referencing the entire North American media market to determine potential media targets for them. Would you geek out if you were able to see yourself in it?

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Are you ready to be quoted in your dream, can-barely-say-it-aloud, publications? And soon, they will come to you for the latest industry updates. Why Learn From Me? Entrepreneur Staff. What would you even say? So for example, you own a restaurant, and you serve exotic cuisines. Then, approach a reporter with your idea.

Usually the reporter or blogger will have provided explicit instructions for you to follow. For example, I love this Huffington Post query, which not only tells you what to submit, but what not to do.

1. Not taking blogging seriously

Use this template to write a pitch-perfect reply to a HARO query. Tweet It! The requirements section of the inquiry is really important here. Highlight how you are specifically qualified for this story.

For example, if a reporter specifically asks for a business in New York, give them your neighborhood or address. Always end your email with a call-to action, which could be a question, an offer to provide more information and your contact details. Say a little prayer and move on. This may be the one and only time I tell you not to follow up. Set up a Google alert for your name. You might also subscribe to their feed, which is a bit more reliable than Google alerts. Celebrate your placements!