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To borrow from Ron Weasley, Princess Una also needs to sort out her priorities. While she was imprisoned in her own palace by the Dragon King, instead of worrying about what's happened to her kingdom, or her people, or her nanny, or her own father and brother, what does she worry about? Prince Lionheart and why he hasn't returned back to her. Is this also an allegory? An allegory of the selfishness of mankind? I have no idea, and I don't care. I didn't like it - I didn't like this particular trait of Princess Una's.

He had all the promises of being such an interesting character - and yes, I know there's not much room to work with when you're basing him on Jesus H.

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Christ, but at least give him some semblance of a personality. For instance the scene where he taught Prince Felix how to swordfight; I liked that. I liked the instances he was shown as a mentor, a teacher. There could be more things similar to this, but it was very lacking. Instead, we were focusing more on the "romances" with Princess Una's courtiers.

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As for the way the plot unfolded I'm not sure how I liked it. It was a little bizarre. The story was bizarre. Waging wars over a girl. How tripe.

Anyway, in the meantime, Princess Una gave her heart away to someone undeserving, and for some reason that lead to the Dragon King the antichrist? Falling for false saviours? Might I add, Princess Una was never even an evil dragon. Presently, the King is forced to retreat, effectively doing nothing to protect his kingdom and people, Prince Felix is badly injured and sent to some sort of fae Haven to be treated, making them the two most ineffective and useless characters ever.

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The former he could have done years and years ago, by the way, but apparently he had to wait for the right time , which, Christian Allegory or not, made no sense. I need more sense in my novels. I need proper motives, proper reasoning.

WHY did he have to wait? And WHY was that particular moment the "right time"? In the case of Christ , it was because he needed the people to see in order for them to believe. It was because he needed to first spread the Word of God.

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To fulfil all the prophecies made concerning himself. But in the case of Prince Aethelbald? What was he waiting for? What was keeping him from slaying the Dragon King from Day One? So that's it.

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I was not satisfied. I was taken on a bizarre trip, a meandering tale, and given no proper reasoning for it all. And for that, two stars. View all 10 comments. Sep 24, H. Williams rated it it was amazing Shelves: beautiful-romances , fairy-tales , awesome-heroes , favorites , best-endings. When I finally read it, I was afraid it would be a mushy love story playing up on temporary passion. Not at all. It is this fake idea of "love" that Una feels at first, and as the story progresses and her heart is broken, she learns how shallow crush-like love is.

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Now she's given up on any kind of love, and it is the sacrificial love of the Prince that finally redeems her. Most people, whether they know it or not, have a lot in common with Una. She's a young girl with big dreams, she's self-absorbed, and she wants to do things by her own power. The first half of the book is merely a fairytale about a princess who longs to be the bride of a dashing prince. Enter the Dragon--story totally changes. We go from a bright, happy, little story to a gripping tale of the destructive power of the devil the Dragon , and then ultimately to the restoring love of Christ, aka.

And for any worries, the Dragon wants to make Una his child, not his wife, as the summary suggests. While Una is the obvious representation of mankind, or moreover, the church, there are several other characters who need the redemption of the Prince from Farthestshore. Most likely, young men will not be interested in reading this book, as it was obviously marketed to females. However, another main character is Una's wanna-be-awesome but hopelessly mischievous brother Felix.

There is also some rousing action and a harrowing outlook on dragons. Fact: There's more then one dragon in this story. The writing is clever and funny. Oh, and keep an eye on that blind cat, Monster This soul-searching story was beautifully done, and I have no doubt that it is building up treasure in heaven for the author. Though I first perceived it as a book, it soon revealed itself to be an entire other world. I was surprised by her excellent writing and powerful story-telling, and eagerly continued on to Book 2, Veiled Rose, which gave me a new perspective on characters and events of the first book.

With the creativity and insight of C. Lewis, the epic scale of Tolkien, and a vivid voice all her own, the author drew me into deep adoration of The Tales of Goldstone Wood series. Throughout her stories, delicious hints are dropped and legends are whispered, only to be later fully revealed in future novels. And the books keep coming! Though Book 6, Shadow Hand, just released, and book 7, Golden Daughter is due for release in November, many more novels, plus novellas, are promised.

Each book, though a satisfying story of its own, is intricately connected to the others, so it is certainly best to read them in the order published. But above all the beautiful writing, endearing characters, and surprising twists on familiar fairy-tale themes, I was most deeply struck by the heart and truth woven in each story. For though only the first book might be considered an allegory, the characters come to life with startling reality.

This is what causes these books to be so greatly praised and so heavily criticized.

For the characters are written with truth. From spoiled, slightly silly Una, blinded by her misconceptions, to Lionheart aching to be a hero, but fallen under intimidation, to haughty and selfish Eanrin, these characters reflect our own fallen nature with painful clarity. They prefer their heroes and heroines to, sure, have struggles, but ultimately to kick the bad guys down and conquer their own problems with surety and triumph. They fail. To the point, that readers despise them. The undeserved grace, love, and power of Christ.

There is a Prince always calling to us, no matter how we might ignore him like Una and Rosie, ready to defeat the Dragons and Dreams that are anxious to destroy our lives. Though we are weak and looked down upon like the Chronicler and Foxbrush, He sees us as something magnificent. He longs to take us, His fallen, weak creation, call us His own, and transform us into the heroes we so long to be. View 1 comment. Feb 25, E. Shelves: favorites , books-i-ve-read-more-than-once , fantasy.

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I first discovered Heartless when I was doing an online search for Christian fantasy books one day. Admittedly, the beautiful cover was the first thing that drew me to it, but once I started investigating the series, I became seriously curious about the story. Now that I've read Heartless, I have to say that I loved it, and I don't think the story synopsis on the back cover does it justice.

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The synopsis makes it sound like it's going to be a light, fluffy read, and for about the first half of th I first discovered Heartless when I was doing an online search for Christian fantasy books one day.