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Even Trump’s Fox News allies admit his Ukraine call was problematic
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The hundreds of millions of dollars the US gives Ukraine to push back against Russian aggression is already the subtext to conversations between the two countries. They were overwhelmed by a chorus of Democrats , one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would move forward with an impeachment inquiry. The US has been sending foreign aid to Ukraine for decades.

As global crises mount, the war has largely faded from public attention — but some 13, people have been killed, tens of thousands more injured, and Ukraine lives each day under the specter of Russian aggression. That has been true, at different times and in different ways, since the fall of the Soviet Union.


Definition of it's his call in the Idioms Dictionary. it's his call phrase. What does it's his call expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of his call in the Idioms Dictionary. his call phrase. What does his call expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Ukraine has witnessed two revolutions to cast off Russian-aligned leaders — the Orange Revolution of and then the protests of , which prompted Viktor Yanukovych to flee and created the conditions of instability that Russia is so adept at exploiting. Many countries understandably bristle at the image of being caught between two powers, and that rings true for those that were embroiled in the Cold War.

May the Lord bless you richly and increase you more and more as you honor Him with your gift.

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Only true friends of Jesus can take you to the cross, make you stay there and restore hope. You are an amazing warrior, and we thank you for your faithfulness we had little left. Our God reigns.

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That is incredible! And the interpretation completely applies. Your interpretation was pretty much spot on.

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I was one of the women you prayed for before you spoke and i was the one with the written word I gave you to show you confirmation. Your prayer for me that morning still rings in my ear. But even then, allegiance is not the same as love. It is true that adults who immigrate here do have to undergo a ceremony in which they renounce previous loyalty and shift it to this one.

Do you really love me? What do you love about me most? Why were you making eyes at that other country yesterday?

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Maybe that will change, though. What will the criteria be?

What does Trump consider essential for love-adequacy? Top of the list is the flag. The one thing we must never do is kneel; that will mean an instant call to the LoveIt hotline.

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Second is the military. The core purpose and meaning of a country is to make war on all other countries. Third is the other gun-carrying sectors: border patrol, the police, prison guards, militias, security guards, kids who take guns to school.

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Most Popular. So as we celebrate his birth this Christmas season, let us rejoice that he journeyed into humanity over 2, years ago, so we can journey with him in the present! You're the one doing a superb job. We are already working on cooperation. When you develop that conversational relationship with the Lord, delighting in His presence, your desires change from being self-focused to God-focused. Those treaties come into effect only when ratified by the Senate, so the conclusion of a deal is subject to popular review.