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What happens when the universe of superheros gets thrown into the universe of the Kreme? What happens when the Kreme creates a superhero team? What is the outcum? Find out in Justice Tales with the first superhero team exclusively created by the Kreme! Tags: Tales from the Kreme. Nov 07 The election of is over, the winner announced… But what about ? Nov 05 Get ready for your close up as only kremey photography can handle, with Double D Prints! Now on Amazon too!

In Kreative Liberties, Rob has been living the good life ever since he discovered an incredible photo manipulation and …. Email address:. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. Kreme Votes Pick one: Angel vs. Devil Bimbo vs. Nerd MILF vs. Boy Toy View Results. HallowKreme Please leave a komment!

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Krematorium - Kustom Kollection #5 (Kreme Kustom Kollection) - Kindle edition by Kris P. Kreme. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Dream a Little Kreme - Kustom Kollection #1 by Kris Kreme. Series: Kustom Kollection Krematorium - Kustom Kollection #5 by Kris Kreme. Series: Kustom.

SINtendo September New from the Kreme! Email address: This is a low volume list to inform readers only. Kreme Votes Need to pick three themes Readers! Days Later…. Halloween with the Kreme Krismas Note from the Kreme. Forest Floor Patch.

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Forest Floor Patch by pdelmo. Made to fill in forest areas. Suits fairly flat ground as it has a large foot print for best coverage. This Asset is upscale for making nature scenes. Air ducts 3. He let me use the same texture as on his prop, so they don't look out of place together Created by agusingnavy. Park Tile Decals. Pizza Hut 2. I tried to bring some life to it with the KingLeno props and thought it came out great so published it.

Added RICO and conve Self Storage Units. Created by Spence! Open locker version shares textures with the closed Parking Barriers. Includes two versions of each prop one with gates open, another with gates closed and mirrored versions of each for left and right side Excavator rotated. Find this in the industrial structures prop category Originally this was a retexture and more optimized version of Hest's excavator, but I've completely redone this as of 8th of April I've learned alot since I did this the first time and I Industrial Tank Enterprise rent-a-car.

Shopping Center Parking Lot Props. A pack of props for your parking lots. Great for adding a tad more realism to your shopping center parking lots. Mulch Props. Mulch Props by KingLeno Asset includes 5 props: -small mulch mound -medium mulch mound -small, medium, and large decal The mounds are designed to fit with most of the older Curb White Table Set Prop.

Created by stmSantana. Are you bored with the default "High-Level Table Set" type prop? This is not mere decoration prop, This actually works.

Asset e Signs and Logos. Signs of different retail stores and restaurants for buildings. Starbucks Coffee. Cable Median Barrier. Ford F Super Duty.

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Which ferd is best ferd? Truck - US-Truck : Mobil 1. Created by RaverTiger. Bridgestone Semi Truck Oil Industry. Created by Crux Magic. It's a high quality truck with low Tri count. View the original here. Utility Outbuilding 1.

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A small, yellow brick utility structure as a prop. Could be used in industrial areas, as a gas or electric substation in residential neighbourhoods, kitbashing as an entrance or shed for larger structures, etc Utility Outbuilding 2. A small, white brick utility structure as a prop. Acca's Wall Pack. Wall pack of 7 different types of walls.

Most are in 2m and 8m sizes. All the assets use the same x diffuse and are fairly performance friendly This is based on Avanya's incredible container props. The template and guide can be found here. Red Roof Inn is a chain of American hote Little Rock Inn Growable.

Perfect for rural areas! Tris: Texture: x px Yeah, I know its big! Created by outstandinggamer. International Transtar Prop. Created by on the minefield. Pickup Truck.

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Peugeot Pickup with load v1. Patriotic American Flag.

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Decorate until your little patriotic heart is content, whether it's t Brush 1x1 Concrete. This is a ploppable area filler - part of a collection containing various sizes and styles. Brush 2x2 Concrete. Brush 4x4 Concrete. The Vista at Paradise Valley.

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Satellite Dish. Another little prop for roofs. It's very simple but makes roofs look a little bit less naked. As the other chimneys it sticks through the roof and works well on most, if not all, types of roofs. Note: It can be found in the same prop category as the def Pine Motel Sign. Created by Simulant. Air Con Unit. Pine Motel.

Pine Motel by Simulant My first ever asset! Update: p Comfort Inn is a chain of American hotels and motels, owned by Choic Created by SvenBerlin.