Life Lessons from Xena Warrior Princess: A Guide to Happiness, Success, and Body Armor

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Life lessons from Xena, warrior princess : a guide to happiness, success, and body armor by Chris Kreski 3 editions published between and in English and held by 87 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Who could've known that a breast-plated heroine who hails from somewhere in ancient history would catapult into the T. That's exactly what has happened with Xena, Warrior Princess, the show that featured Lucy Lawless on a mission to help the downtrodden free themselves from tyranny and injustice. Xena was first introduced in an episode of Hercules as an intrepid warrior bent on destroying the heroic character.

But she changed sides when her own army betrayed her.

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Each episode featured our gal surrounded by baric tribes, slave traders and a host of other evils, as she righteously battled for good. Again Hercules witnessed her within a child-like state. He began to find himself feeling sympathy for her plight. The she looked up at him and declared that he was a gentlemen. Again she was taking a dig at him, but he ignored it knowing that her real ploy was in purposely pushing people away from her. He played along with her little game and reflected the hatred back at her.

Hercules could see it was what she desired. Hercules found it to be the easiest way to keep her within his control. Then Callisto stated as she drank from the ladle that she and Hercules were not as different as he liked himself to think. Hercules knew what Callisto was up to. He laughed at her idea almost interested in her argument for this idea. As he listened she went on. She stated that they both believed in the idea that the wicked should be punished.

Callisto went on to say that she saw something about people that he was unable to see. Hercules then placed his torch to the side as he opened the bottle of oil to make the flame larger and brighter. He expressed out loud that he was certain that Callisto would share her reasoning with him on the matter of the wicked. Hercules raised the bottle of oil to his nose and took a whiff. Calisto continued explaining that all people were wicked, and deserved everything that was dealt to them. Hercules put the cap back onto the bottle of oil for the torch and placed it into his clothing for safe keeping.

Callisto looked up from her water bucked confused by his response to her statement. Hercules responded explaining that he had indeed seen the darker side of people. The hero went onto explain that the child within Callisto had earned his compassion for he realized that she had watched her parents die within fire. However, Hercules pointed out that Callisto still had a choice which she had made. Her choice was in how she responded to the evil that had been done to her and her family.

Callisto had chosen to follow evil rather than to fight against it which was what made his compassion for her limited. Then Hercules picked up the torch and began to move further into the deep, dark temple.

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Callisto threw her ladle back into the water bucket and began to clap within hysteria. Hercules turned to look at her and could see that Callisto was stuck between a conflict within herself. Callisto continued as she challenged Hercules to continue his newfound faith in her as their day and journey together would continue. Then Callisto invited Hercules to follow her further into the dark temple. Hercules watched as she moved into the darkness. He was still very suspicious of her truest motives. His senses about her were heightened. She twirled her hair nervously and stated that Hercules was not living up to her expectations of him.

Callisto was seemingly disappointed in Hercules for not having been more open to the idea that he could spend the whole day attempting to convince Callisto that she could change in the way that Xena the warrior princess had been convinced to change.

Hercules easily answered that inquiry explaining confidently to Callisto that Xena had changed because Xena had been wanting to change. Callisto stopped and turned to Hercules not so certain that Xena had really changed deep down. She continued her confessions of Xena telling Hercules a seemingly very dark secret about Xena. Callisto then turned away from Hercules as she continued leading him down the path of darkness. She twirled her hair and spoke of how ironic she thought it to be that not long before there had been a time in which Hercules would have gladly teamed up with Callisto to help bring Xena to justice for her past crimes against humanity.

She agreed with him on this point. If she could only understand this viewpoint he thought that it might be possible for her tortured soul to find some peace within. It was as if Callisto was considering what that meant to feel peace within. Then the vengeance rose forth from within her again as she declared that she had once dreamed of peace. Callisto then closed her eyes and imagined that death would be the only true way to experience peace. She asked Hercules to allow her to die again so that she might have another chance at reaching that illusive feeling of peace within.

Callisto continued explaining that her trip to Tartarus after having been allowed to die by the warrior princess should have been a welcome for her. Yet instead she found that she was only welcomed by eternal torture in death and in Tartarus. She explained with anger that she had been trapped in her hatred of Xena with nothing within her power to do about it.

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Hercules was not buying all of what Callisto said. He knew the real reason they were on this journey together. She needed her shot at becoming an immortal so she could fill her vengeance against Xena and those whom Xena loved most. Despite their battle of wits they still need each other to accomplish their respective goals. Hercules wanted to save his family and friends while Callisto wanted to destroy Xena to satisfy her vengeance. As they continued on their journey they reached two passages.

He was frustrated with Callisto. She was seemingly confused as to which way to lead them next. Hercules asked Callisto not to toy with him and pretend to be a lost child again. Yet there was little he could do since it was the lost child who was now in control of Callisto again.

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Callisto argued with herself about not having written down the specific details Hera had given her. She shook her head as the confusion within unfolded before Hercules. He could almost feel as if he were swimming around within her confused mind. Then the child within Callisto panicked and cried out to Hercules. He thought to himself that it must have been the right passage that they should have taken.

He had two choices. He could save himself and his family as he watched Callisto disappear into the darkness alone or he could delay saving his family and himself to save a damaged soul. Hercules then made the only choice that he could.

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Anthony, Piers. The Cleft and Other Odd Tales. The book concludes with an extensive bibliography that ranges from general textbooks and specialized accounts of the history and scholarship of fantasy literature, through bibliographies and accounts of the fantasy literature of different nations, to individual author studies and useful websites. British trade paperback collection all twenty Miss Marple short stories. Turtledove, Harry.

He shouted out for Callisto hoping she would respond back so he could hear where she had been dragged off to within the darkness. Her screams led him into a cavern full of black tentacles that appeared to be living breathing vines. Just as he was about to enter the cavern a blackness covered the entrance. Hercules could still hear her echoing screams so he shouted out to Callisto to keep talking to him. She responded frustrated stating that indeed it was what she was attempting to do. Hercules searched for an alternate route into the cavern which held Callisto.

When he found an alternate entrance it suddenly became blocked by a giant bolder which appeared. He peered through the small opening left there and could see Callisto was completely wrapped up in the black vines. She was struggling as she reminded Hercules if he did not save her then his family would die along with her. Hercules was very aware of that fact as his frustrations rose. It was only a matter of time before they would cut off her breath and her life.

Hercules looked for another entrance into the cavern of vines. He dashed down the dark paths until he found another entrance. Hercules faced the living vines as he attempted to wade through them toward a trapped Callisto. The vines were strong and he struggled through them to rescue Callisto who was still screaming in fear and panic. She was now facing her second mortal death. Just as it seemed he would not arrive through the vines to save her in time he ripped Callisto out of her binds.

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He then instructed her to grab onto him as he reached for a live vine and swung them out of the cavern of vines. As Callisto climbed off of his back she declared him to be her hero.