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I was watching the second season of Victoria and was saving The Crown for after I get back from vacation. Hopefully it will still be available. Thank you, Caro.

Twisted #83 Nicolas Barclay & South Pole Murder Mystery

The weather is cooler than I was expecting, but much warmer than at home. It is darker than the first, partly because of the events, the Suez Canal, Charles at school, Margaret, all causing great stress and strain on Elizabeth and the public, with Philip, her marriage and politicians.


In an Adventure with Ahab ; also titled The Pirates! Join Sam as she embarks on her first big adventure in this middle-grade mystery full of fun, suspense Watson to help them catch a murderer after she and her young son see a man fall to his death; 1 in the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes mystery series. Charlotte St. Gloria Cook, Dream Chasers , about a young woman in a poor copper-mining village who is unaware of the squire's love for her; 5 and last in the Meryen Saga.

But they come through the ten years stronger. Interesting take on family and national issues. I like Branagh as Wallander.

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He is him as he is all I have seen and I thing he portrays the book character well. Looking forward to it. Although I do think Maisie could catch a break I think this is a great series; for me it's been consistently good. Which reminds me, I should check to see which one is next for me. I hope you are enjoying the weather. The man has information that the British government feels they need. The situation in Germany is getting very dicey, so this is a dangerous assignment. It seems that some readers are disappointed in the direction the last two books have gone, but I think a change was needed.

I had a hard time putting the book down. It seems a bit like Windspear knew the series needed shaking up but still wanted to have Maisie be a character defined by loss and heartbreak, so we end book 10 at point A, which seems to suggest a whole new direction and set of potential plots for the series not necessarily good ones, mind you.

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We then start book 11 at point C and are told "oh, all this stuff happened to get us from A to B to C, but you never saw any of that and now we're basically back with the same heroine that we started with. It's like Windspear got to have all this change, do all this "character development" that the reader really doesn't get to experience, and then do a handwave to rid Maisie of the complications of being married or having a child while still wanting a career.

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I don't know that it would have worked or been good for the series, but I think it would have been more of a new direction for the series to see a different Maisie, navigating new relationships and new complications. Anyway, I keep telling myself, it's just a book. It would have been nice to see all of that played out, at least for a little while. But for me, I think the secret service scenario was a welcome change to the investigations which were becoming very much the same story, different characters.

That was the main reason I had waited so long to read book I found I needed to really spread them out. I'm looking forward to the series. I'm not a purist, I'm willing to let the television casting stretch it some, but it has to keep the essence of the character. In this series, though, the actress playing his daughter committed suicide and it affected both Mankell and the cast and the production.

Anyhow I saw this production before the Branagh came out and while I did watch a fair number of the UK episodes, my heart belongs to Hendrisson and there is something about it being actually Swedish It seemed to me that Krister Henriksson gave a more accurate portrayal of Mankell's Wallander. On the mystery thread, I am interested in so many of the series being mentioned. I always promise myself that I'll finish one series before moving on to another, but then I find even more, and more. We are both in trouble. I only have a couple of mystery series on the go at the moment, but like Vivian would like to make more progress on them before starting another.

And yes, I know that is futile!! An historical novel that takes place just after the Civil War. He makes his living going from town to town in north Texas to read the news to audiences of people starved for news from outside their area. They are willing to pay 10 cents to hear him read. As the story begins, Captain Kidd is asked if he would be willing to take a ten year old girl, who had been captured by the Kiowa when her family was slaughtered four years earlier, back to relatives in San Antonio. The family has offered a fifty dollar gold piece for the task.

Against his better judgement, he agrees to the dangerous task, which will take them hundreds of miles through hostile territory. The child has become a native in every sense of the word, and has no desire to be taken from the Kiowa, the only family she knows. As the story progresses, the pair develop a bond that gets them through the journey.

I enjoyed this short book about pages on my flight home from Florida on Friday.

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I thought it was well written, although I would like to have seen the ending developed a bit more. It felt a little rushed at the end. Even so, I think it was worth the read. I also need to stay away from the mystery thread - I think I have about series I'm following on FictFact. It's just that there are so many good ones!

I think. Someday I might want need to look AND, I included a cobbled together list of many, many television adaptions of mystery book series. What next? Thank heavens for FictFact. My favorite of Jiles is Enemy Women, another historical novel, but I have liked all of her books. She even wrote a good dystopian one, Lighthouse Island that was really good.

Yes, FictFact is great for holding my place in series. A Pale Horse by Charles Todd Book 10 in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series has the Inspector sent to watch for a man who has worked on a secret project for the government. This was another enjoyable installment in the series. I was just sent News of the World as a gift and I'm pleased at the timing with your comments about it. I'm tempted to save it for our annual beach vacation, as everyone seems to want to read a western while we're there and the only others I have on my tbr are by Cormac McCarthy.

While the series is quite silly, the bits of actual history that the author throws in are interesting to hear. Georgie and the princess are housed in Kensington Palace while they prepare for the wedding. The descriptions are really good.

Colleen, it's on my list but I have a couple in the series to read first. I'm trying to resist the Bowen, Colleen. I have quite a few series going. Not a bad problem to have, I think. They are entertaining and good for a chuckle or two. The author stresses that this is a fictionalized version, although she based it on over 3, letters and diaries that are kept at the Roosevelt library in Hyde Park. It is very sad that in all of the family photographs, Hick, as she was called, is cut out of all of them.

Thank you to Lois for the recommendation. I really enjoyed the book. It's a standalone novel, not part of the "Dublin Murder Squad" series, but still Thank you, Laura.

At the beginning of the book we find out about an incident that keeps us ahead of the Inspector all the way through his investigation. We have a pretty good idea of who done it. The Ian Rutledge series sounds like it is good. I've probably said it before, but I didn't care for the first one I read so I didn't continue. Not that I need another series anyway!

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But it is one to keep in mind. Good news about a new Tana French book! That's another series I have to catch up on. Others might be pretty good, but they aren't Lonesome Dove. I find it very suspicious that we have exactly the same books on our shelves. I had another look at the Charles Todd page and I may have mixed him them? So Ian Rutledge has been added to my series list. Can't go wrong with a CID story.

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I know that she reached a point where she lost interest. I had recommended it to Rebeccanyc when she started reading mysteries once her illness really took hold. She started plowing through them. Yes, I remember Rebecca reading them. I know Todd is really popular with many people. I was looking at Lonesome Dove recently but it's huge!

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I don't think I can physically handle a book that size. I don't think I've ever read a western. Can't remember what the Finch book was about, but it featured a cute empty-headed upper-crust ninny that put me right off. I keep hearing really good things about Lonesome Dove , but I haven't read it yet.