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Just the sight of the ever increasing number of green-and-white Border Patrol cars traversing the quiet farmlands was enough to get the novel rolling in my head.


And yes, there were many news flashes on both sides of the ditch that helped inspire this story. Q: Did you have to do much research for this novel? Ride around with border-patrol agents? Talk to folks who might have some insight into running a vast and highly organized marijuana smuggling business? Or operating a dairy farm? How close to the border do you yourself live?

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A: I did lots of research, first as a reporter, then as a novelist. The Border Patrol tripled its northern force during the two years after But when I rode along with agents it became obvious that nobody was catching terrorists. What they were primarily doing was intercepting huge loads of British Columbia marijuana bound for big cities in the West. I watched agents marvel like teenagers over piles of potent buds. The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch. Debut Author. Book Summary A mesmerizing, allegorical, and beautifully wrought first novel about one boy's wonder with the sea during the summer that will change his life, and the lives around him.

Chapter 1 I learned early on that if you tell people what you see at low tide they'll think you're exaggerating or lying when you're actually just explaining strange and wonderful things as clearly as you can.

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Miles narrates his own story of the summer he was 13, a summer in which he was "ambushed by science, fame and suggestions of the divine" 1. What is the effect of Miles' narration, and his occasional direct address to the reader, throughout the novel? How does Miles' voice contribute to the reader's sense of his character as "real"?

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How likeable is he as a narrator? Miles says, "most people realize the sea covers two thirds of the planet, but few take the time to understand even a gallon of it. Most people don't want to invest a moment contemplating something like that unless they happen to stroll low tide alone at night with a Read More. BookBrowse Review.

Border Songs by Jim Lynch

Beyond the Book Jim Lynch has won national journalism awards and published short fiction in literary magazines, and spent four years as the Puget Sound reporter for the Oregonian. Non-members are limited to two results. Become a member. Join Now!

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