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They must be able to manage and resolve potential conflicts between employees and, in some situations, employers. As the mediator in employee relations, HR teams must have the ability to negotiate and reach a fair resolution. Human resources professionals must be comfortable using technology and Human Resources Information Software HRIS to manage payroll and other HR processes, and keep workforce operations running smoothly and efficiently.

They might also need to perform data analysis and projections.

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Individuals who work in HR interact with people constantly and are responsible for writing company policies. They should develop excellent customer service and communication skills via phone, email and in person. Their strengths often include the ability to write well, negotiate, conduct interviews and discuss sensitive or confidential topics with tact.

A well trained human

Human resources professionals are also responsible for keeping all employees well-informed about events such as mergers, acquisitions, layoffs and safety protocols. They might share these announcements online, via email or during company meetings. While all HR professionals should have excellent communication skills, some are required to speak in front of large groups , departments or an entire company. These individuals must communicate clearly and present information in terms that are easy to understand.

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They might speak on topics ranging from benefits packages to company policies. Busy human resources professionals must be able to multitask effectively and manage a variety of projects. They should have good scheduling skills and be able to prioritize responsibilities. Team members must also be able to manage their time wisely as human resources involves timely tasks such as putting together employment contracts, managing payroll and meeting deadlines.

Individuals working in HR must also manage significant paperwork, employee data and records in both physical and digital form. Because human resources teams handle many sensitive matters and confidential or private information, these individuals must be discreet to avoid legal and professional repercussions. They must approach tasks such as disciplinary action, employee complaints or disputes with care.

Human resources staff members must be ethical, professional and trustworthy. Depending on the size of the company and its workforce needs, it might employ any number of HR professionals, ranging from a single specialist to an entire team of HR experts.

Here are some of the most common human resources positions. When smaller and even mid-size companies lack the budget or needs for an in-house HR department or manager, outsourcing those functions to PEOs or e-services might make the most sense. If you are interested in pursuing a career in HR, you may need to gain experience or education to earn a job.


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Many universities offer human resources-related degrees such as:. You might also advance your human resources career or otherwise benefit from certification from organizations such as the Human Resource Certification Institute, the Society for Human Resource Management or the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

What is human resources?

Certification courses allow you to become well-educated in specialized areas such as employee relations or training and development. To receive your professional in HR, senior professional in HR, global professional in HR or other certification, you must pass the required exam. Some universities may allow you to transfer credits from certificate programs and apply them toward a full human resources degree.

Online training and programs also offer education in a variety of human resources skills and procedures, including employee relations, ethics, payroll, benefits, employment law, compliance and much more. If you want to gain experience or test the waters to make sure human resources is the right career path, here are some steps you can take:. As human resources needs continue to evolve, companies may seek professionals with increasingly niche expertise, such as information technology, business administration or economics.

Different industries—such as healthcare, finance, construction and government also have significantly different personnel requirements and knowledge bases.

Techniques aren’t everything: Why conscientious well-trained surgeons make mistakes?

The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Human capital is a term popularized by American economist Gary Becker, referring to the collective skills, knowledge, and other intangible assets of individuals that can be tapped to create economic values for themselves, their employers, or their community. Most if not all businesses thrive on the collective talents of each and every one of their employees. Gone are the days that companies just go about their business without being in touch with the true potential of what their employees can achieve if they were equipped with better skills. The way business is conducted has changed rapidly in the last 50 years.

The CIPD Technical Report reveals how companies are now moving towards investing in their own intangible abilities, instead of their physical assets that frankly can be bought and sold with little effort. What better way to acquire more knowledge than through training and development? Collaboration with industry becomes a criterion for faculty evaluation. The government provides national awards and honors for those who excel in collaborations with industry.

Finally, universities are working with industry in course development to better equip students with the knowledge and skills that employers need. The two are the keys to building a critical mass of well-educated and well-trained workforce for accelerating economic transformation. The government should play a more proactive role in promoting reform needed to transform Indonesia into an innovation-driven economy.


Better interaction among higher education institutions, government research institutes, and industry must be developed. TheJakartaPost Please Update your browser Your browser is out of date, and may not be compatible with our website.

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Key functions of human resources

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